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Hello Future. Hello Opportunity.

snellvillewordleThe City of Snellville wanted a fresh start. In 2010, they hired an economic development manager and made the decision to create a new town center where community and commerce could thrive.

In partnership with globally recognized DPZ of Seaside, Florida fame, and distinguished city planners Clark, Patterson Lee, EOS worked with residents, businesses and employees of The City of Snellville to study, research, poll and understand the opportunities to create a new Town Center for Snellville’s future. After more than 1,000 Snellville community members participated in our quantitative online surveys and qualitative one-on-one interviews, as well as a four-day envisioning charrette, and branding workshop, the City’s future plan to develop a new Towne Center as a place that welcomed the future through entrepreneurial opportunity and the friendly neighbors of Snellville was complete.

On Monday, May 2, more than 140 Snellville constituents gathered with reporters and the Snellville City Council for the great reveal… a monumental plan for Snellville’s future.

For more about the City of Snellville’s plans, check out:, or follow the news on Facebook.

Communities Shape Who We Are…


Residents of Snellville

Residents of Snellville

Mama swears that I learned to read via the pages of Southern Living magazine.  I have 1970’s-era Kodak photographs of me curled up in an easy chair immersed in the featured communities.  So, last week as I listened to Scott Ball, a principal with the internationally renowned Duany Plater – Zyberk (DPZ), talk about New Urbanism and illustrate how town centers create “rooms” that eliminate suburban sprawl as well as places where friends and business associates live, work and play, I was taken from the moment he said, “Hello”… 

With millions working in front of a computer screen 10 hours every day, coupled with Atlanta’s average commute of 35 minutes (each way!), communities who have destination places for quality face-to-face time are those who have succeeded.   Tree-lined sidewalks that lead to local diners, wine café’s, and frozen yogurt parlors, or shoe boutiques where girlfriends gather to chat about their workweek and try on shoes provide the sense of place residents needs to engage, nurture, participate and encourage sustainable growth.   Where there is a sense of place, residents will spend their time and their money.

EOS is partnering with Clark Patterson Lee and DPK to serve the City of Snellville  by creating a new town center and a brand for this new destination.  We’ll be using an interactive planning and design process that will include focus groups, public information meetings, multi-day design charrette, and more.  Join the conversation on Snellville’s Facebook page and help shape the future of this great Gwinnett community:  Snellville Georgia.   

EOS Marketing & Communications Chosen To Lead Snellville Town Center Branding Initiative

EOS has been selected as a part of team retained by the City of Snellville to create a brand and comprehensive communications plan for the city’s new town center.    Working in conjunction with Clark Patterson Lee and Duany Plater-Zyberk, EOS will create a brand strategy that resonates with the target audiences of Snellville’s Town Center district.  In addition, the firm has been tasked with developing a communications program that encourages two-way communication between the center and its constituents.


The three firms will serve Snellville by guiding the city in creating a well-crafted town center that promotes sustainable economic development, establishes a promotable image, and outlines physical enhancements necessary to bring the vision to reality.  Snellville City Council selected Clark Patterson Lee, a full-service planning and design firm located in Suwanee, based upon their service as the city’s engineer since 2004.  Clark Patterson Lee’s team will be joined by two key project partners:  Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company (DPZ) and EOS Marketing, both located in Atlanta.  DPZ is internationally recognized as the co-founders of the Congress for New Urbanism, and leaders in the direction and practice of community master planning and traditional neighborhood development.  The collective team of architects, branding experts, development specialists, engineers, marketing analysts and strategists, urban designers, planners and public relations practitioners will address all of the issues and needs identified by the City of Snellville.


Using an interactive planning and design process that engages the community and its business owners, the project will include focus group meetings with key stakeholders, public information meetings and a multi-day design charrette offering the community at-large opportunities for hands-on design input. 


“We’re excited about partnering with EOS and the expertise they bring to our Town Center efforts,” said Eric G. Van Otteren – economic development manager, City of Snellville.  “They listen to the needs and wants of their clients and craft strong messages that resonate. In today’s busy world, we need both a brand and a communications strategy that will cut through the clutter and that we can be proud of.”